What This Hillary Swag Will Say About You If You Buy It

The day has come: Hillary Clinton has released campaign swag. This is a big deal because she’s probably going to be our first lady president and she has some great taste so far with her campaigning. But what about this swag? What will it say about you if you buy them? Who are the people who buy these HillDawg goods? I have a few ideas.

The Casual Office Politician: Coffee Conversation Mug

The Aggressive Office Politician: Hillary For America Sign Pack

Woman: The Trailblazer Tee

Man: The Progress Pint

Gay Man: Think Tank

Low Budget Hillary Cosplayers: The Everyday Pantsuit Tee

Even Your Nipples Are For Hillary: The Supporter Tee

My Parents Shop At Whole Foods And Sometimes Question Vaccinations: Future Voter Onesie

Lovers Of This Old IBM Shirt: The Caucus Crewneck

Young Recent Graduates Who Need A Job: The Canvass Canvas

Fucking Anybody With A Working Brain In The United States: Stitch By Stitch Pillow

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