What To Wear To A Job Interview

If you are being interviewed for a new job, be yourself. But, like, in the way you dress: be yourself. This is important because in the industry of self-sales, your look is just as important as your thoughts. This is true even if you do not work in fashion—believe me: I’ve watched a lot of episodes of What Not To Wear.

How you look makes an impression not only of your professionalism but also your personality. People and industries who “don’t get it [fashion]” and who may have a Dad sensibility about clothing will certainly bend an eye to style, unwittingly, because stylish people in these environments are not normal. A certain way of dressing will mark you as creative, fun, serious, sophisticated, light, confident, or any combination of those traits. That’s all because you chose to make an effort with how you look.

As someone who has hired people, appearances go a long way: not only should you be dressing for success, you should be dressing in the drags of your new employer. Mold your look with theirs, whatever you think that is. If they are a Fortune 500 company and you have a fag flair for the color purple, don a purple bow tie or wear some purple shoes or wear a fucking dark purple suit: be that guy. You have to do this because the guy who does this is memorable—powerful, even—because he asserted his individuality by way of dress. Believe me: at a certain point I placed a caveat at the bottom of my resume that I only wear shorts and subsequently only showed up to meetings in them. Never have I been questioned for this sartorial choice since and, if anything, the showing of a little male leg has led to my being advanced.

But, again: know your audience. Know or attempt to understand your audience’s limitations. I work in entertainment, in television, where the daily workplace threshold for personal style is a polo shirt and jeans: tailored shorts and a button up is bound to make waves in this already casual environment. In the military? Yeah, fuck that: not happening. Sorry, dude.

So, dress for success! Dress for the you that you want to be. If you are gunning to be an executive, dress up as your take on a high titled business titillater. If you want to be a designer, think a bit more daring in your dress since you are a “creative.” If the job doesnt call for a uniform, walk in there with a glimpse of what they can expect from you on your best clothed days.

Employers love that shit, even though they don’t admit it. People who dress well to work and do good at their job are an inspiration: they get their shit done and they don’t look like shit. That’s an accomplishment. Thus, the biggest takeaway in dressing for success: whatever that first impression look is, you need to be able to maintain it Monday through Friday, from nine to five. You cannot ever skimp on your appearance.

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