What Would You Call These Memes That Are My Favorite Memes But Are Very Difficult To Describe

There is this meme style that I keep seeing on Tumblr. I don’t know what to call it but I love it.

They present scenarios that one would describe as “epic” and almost always feature a little person and a giant facing off, a weapon of sorts between them as impending doom grips tighter and tighter. The meme draws source material from big-man-little-man battle scenes from movies like Godzilla and games like Shadow Of The Colossus. They’re typically pure memes and almost always deal with mundane forces in life trying to knock you off your game.

But what are they called? I can’t figure out how to describe them in a succinct way, with a description that could lead me to more of this good shit.

Shadow Of The Colossus memes? Those are a thing but these they are not.

David and Goliath memes? Someone, somewhere, says that is a thing but I can assure you they are not related to these.

Big battle memes? No – but this is the closest we will get to an answer because it revealed that the name of these memes are “Fantasy Painting Object Labeling.” Rolls right off the tongue, doesn’t it?

These memes are described as “a series of Object Labeling image macros in which a piece of artwork, usually depicting a giant monster in battle with a small person or creature, is labeled to humorously depict everyday actions or emotions.” That sounds like my description, sure, but the name just is not good.

So what should we call them? A few ideas.

• Big Thangs Versus Little Thangs
• Monster Meme Madness
• Me At
• I Growl At This Thing
• Annotated Paintings (but not Classical Art Memes)
• What You Gon Do Big Guy
• Come At Me Bro
• The Squeakiest Wheel
• Fantasy Fight Realness
• Epic Meme Ginormous Hashtag Huge
• Bigly Battles
• Those Memes That I Laugh At Most When I’m High

I don’t know what to say about these. I love them but they need a good name.

Please help. For the love of meme: help meme. (Actually? I rather like the name “Help Meme.”)

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