When Catholicism Is Anti-Semitism

The first thing that comes to mind when you think of Catholics is not “hate group” is it? Well, in one odd corner of their religious room, that’s exactly what they are.

They are the Radical Traditional Catholics, an organized hate group in America associated with the Catholic church because they are, you know, Catholic. Their hate is specifically toward Jewish people by siding with pre-Vatican II thoughts that condemned the hatred of Jewish persons. So what does that mean? This group believes that Jewish persons are responsible for the death of Christ and they hold a hateful grudge against these people. Most participants have been condemned and/or excommunicated from the Catholic church: they are a stupid rogue group of hate masquerading as religious.

To add on to the pile of hate, they also are viciously homophobic and are rabidly seeking to convert others to their point of view.

In 2007, the Southern Poverty Law Center produced a lengthy story on this hungry hate group to expose their activities to those beyond the small towns under an intellectual attack. The story follows a New Hampshire town where these anti-Semitic Catholics were seeking to infiltrate local government and spread hyper conservative beliefs. It explains.

“This is a sleepy little town run by volunteers,” said resident Fred Goldberg, who runs a nonprofit organization nearby and sees a concerted attempt to take over local government by the SBC. “If this [school] expansion gets in, they’re going to outnumber us pretty quickly. The [SBC’s] goal was to have people get wind of this expansion and then move out.”

The group discussed but was unable to substantiate rumors that SBC members have rifles equipped with night vision scopes. Several claimed that they had heard the sound of automatic weapon fire at SBC on a regular basis.

This is New Hampshire, someone reminded them. Guns aren’t out of the ordinary.

But such mistrust and suspicion among neighbors of nearly 20 years in the small town of Richmond is. Residents here have traditionally maintained a live-and-let-live philosophy, especially on issues of religious tolerance.


“My mother and father are Catholic, my sister is Buddhist, my husband is an atheist, I’m an agnostic. My adult son told me recently he prays every night before he falls asleep. My daughter’s boyfriend is a Jew,” Richmond resident Vickie Provost wrote on the Keene Sentine’s online forum.

“What I am trying to get at here is that there really is no room in our lives for intolerance and bigotry — religious or otherwise. One’s religious beliefs, however different from another’s, are personal.”

It’s a very fascinating story that is alarming because it masks hate behind religion.

Of course, that’s nothing new and exactly why dumbass conservative Christians rally against Muslim groups: they don’t understand that this street runs both ways. To keep tabs and awareness of these groups, I highly suggest taking a peek at the Southern Poverty Law Center’s hate group map. There are many groups like the Radical Traditional Catholics – and they’re quite literally in your backyard.

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