When Did Carly Rae Jepsen Get So Cool?

PC Music is basically dead. The nineties nostalgia artists went big last year and now are seen everywhere from McDonald’s commercials to everything Charli XCX.

Yet, some good has come out of this: counter cultural mainstream pop star Carly Rae Jepsen is raking in all the positive parts of PC and leaving out the insane, braindead creations that got absorbed by Charli. Talk of her collaborating with PC papa Danny L. Harle started to swirl earlier this year and, all these months later, here we are: Carly is the featured vocalist on Harle’s latest song, “Super Natural.”

This comes as the sequel to Carly’s incredible work with Dev Hynes from the gift giving, meme making album E•MO•TION. The song is the spiritual twin to Sophie’s fabulous “Just Like We Never Said Goodbye” from last year. This song, like that song, is a fusion of nineties Euro club with post-aughts techno emotions. It plays every move correctly, with Carly at her breathiest, talking about how love can be a superpower and how relationships can charge two people up. “It’s like we don’t try, we just fit, you and I,” she sings. “This is easy…every day euphoria.” It’s a genius song and pairing.

So this gets at a question: when did Carly get so cool? That question doesn’t even require an answer. She has slid into a space similar to Kanye West and Beyoncé and Björk in terms of finding avant garde, cool, alt producers who can so easily, seamlessly fold her aesthetic into something greater, elevating the already elevated. It’s an impressive pairing that doesn’t seem like it should work but it does.

The song is also Harle’s breakout moment to be the next Diplo. Eh. It is fantastic, though. Here’s hoping he is at the helm of Carly’s sequel to E•MO•TION. Listen below.

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