When You Have More Than Two Balls

“How does it have so many balls?” I heard some teen boys talking in relationship to a dog’s superfluous testicles. “It’s gotta, like, chafe and get stuck in things. It had more than two!”

They were snickering in a group. Were they referring to a dog having more than two testicles? Yes, they were, which is something I had never thought about but obviously is a thing: it’s called “polyorchidism,” as Bobby pointed out, having learned the word from a delightfully uncomfortable game of family Trivial Pursuit on a Christmas Eve past. It’s rare but it happens in humans, horses, cats, and dogs—or at least that’s what Wikipedia said.

As The Journal Of Urology has found, there have been a hundred forty cases of this reported. “Triorchidism”—which is having three balls—is the most common while six of those cases had four balls. The dominate side for more balls is the left side and most are found at age 17, during surgery for something, and are removed “based on concomitant symptoms, cryptorchidism or suspected malignancy.” There you go!

What’s it like living with extra balls? Well, thanks to a Reddit AMA a few years ago, we know all about it. Here are some facts, thanks to polyorchid bubbasmith58.

What do women say when you show them?

They like to feel the small one. Ha.

Is this a turn on or a turn off when it comes to women?

I’ll just say when ever I’ve told any women, not one has ever said, “gross get away.”

Are you dropping massive loads or normal loads? Do you shoot further than the average man?

I’ve never entered in any cum shot contests. I think I actually have less than normal. :/

While bubba might not be the finest resource, it is somewhat interesting. Hopefully he got his parts checked out as it does sound a bit like a cyst.

To turn more direct to a polyorchid, Medical Daily has a report of one. This man, too, turned to Reddit to show off. There are photos too, which I’ve linked out to below. Know that, like most of Reddit, the conversation is typically sexualized and ridiculous yet informative.

Has anyone ever fit all three in their mouth at once?

Not yet;)

Do they get tangled up?

Honestly, kind of yes!

As he points out, “technically I do not know which one is the ‘extra testicle’.” Good point. They are abundant and all equal? I guess? That’s kind of cute in an, “Awwwww: they’re all the same!” sort of way.

So, if you are curious, check out what polyorchidism looks like in these NSFW photos here and here. They’re somewhat impressive? But they just look like testicles, or “monster eyes” as a friend used to call them. They’re definitely worth snickering about, which is exactly what those kids were doing when they encountered the multi-balled dog.

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