Who Wants To Have Sex With Troye Sivan?

Troye Sivan is a young gay singer. He is also known as a YouTuber but, as some digging will show, he has a show business past. Yes, he is cute—but who wants to have sex with Troye Sivan? Who is supposed to be at the end of his sexualization? I’m curious.

No, I don’t want to literally know which person in this world, which man or mans are actively putting it in or taking it from Troye: I want to know who out there is slobbering in his direction, hoping to be his man or woman? Who is he being marketed towards because it’s a delightfully sticky territory, where the message of LGBTQ equality rolls around into heterosexualized male objectification too.

The question is simple and I ask because I am curious who the people behind Troye Sivan™ as a brand are trying to appeal to. Is it gay men? Is it teenage girls? Is it older gay men? Is it bicurious heterosexuals? Is it our mothers? Who is he appealing to?

“Like, wow, there’s a lot of people relying on me to make this tour happen, and also it comes down to the fact that physically I’m very thin,” he told OUT recently. “I have the same body I’ve had since I was 13.” And that’s what makes this curious: he’s a tiny fucking boy. He’s not a man. He’s an older child. He doesn’t talk outwardly about sex in his music or related media yet he is being positioned as a sex symbol, an object without clear objective. Is that sexy? Who is this appealing to? Who is fucking Troye Sivan?

A few theories of his attractiveness, debunked by my own personal experience(s) as a fag.

Troye As Male Lolita
If you examine Troye’s cutesy cool imagery, he reminds you of the vessel of the young woman in the Nabokov book. He is an object, representative of the child fuck-toy you cannot have. Yet, like Lolita, this isn’t an object for the same sex: he is intended to appeal to the opposite sex, to adult women who listen to mainstream pop music. They are the basic and non-basic urbanites who crave accessible cool. He’s old enough that you don’t feel dirty about cradle robbing but is young enough that you can allow yourself some dirt, if you really want.

Troye As Teen Dream
Related to older women, the biggest, most obvious, most YouTube connection to Troye is that he is the teenage dream of so many little teenage girls. It has been well documented—and the most popular gay YouTuber videos are proof of this—but teen girls love gay porn. Troye fits into this because he is young and hot and, if you can’t fuck him, you want to be friends with him and watch him fuck that which you cannot (another beautiful gay boy).

Troye As Connor Franta’s Double
Which leads us to the YouTube wet dream, the “shipped” and theorized relationship between Troye with fellow famous twinky cutesy vanilla YouTuber Connor Franta. The two are the object of countless fan fictions and, if the teenage dream of Troye isn’t enough, the dream of watching two fit young gay boys kissing is even greater. You can come once over Troye but you’ll come twice with these two.

Troye As Bendable
Getting more adult and more gay, an appeal of his aesthetic and posing in baby bondage for a magazine to promote his EP and song Wild suggests that he is a fuck toy, the object of men who crave the twink, the bendable fuck object who can put his ass in the air and bend his knees behind his head, all the easier for you cram into. Like younger gay men (and young women) crave a daddy, a male figure that is manly, some gay men want a fuck vessel, a doll boy that is a bit more substantial than a sex toy.

Troye As Lust For Youth
Related—and seemingly most likely, folded back into the Lolita theory—is that Troye is the object of gay daddies, that Troye is the young cub or idealized youth figure for you to take. Like his hit “Youth” suggests, Troye’s being so “young, dumb, and full of cum” is yours for the taking. His youth is yours.

I assume that his appeal is to the aforementioned, that his sexualization is to the available young female or the gay man hoping to plow. It’s uncomfortable as gay sex objects are without agency, that they talk around sex without any specificity. No, Troye doesn’t need to open up his asshole and explain his sexual practices but there is no information regarding the ifs, buts, hows, whats, etc. of his sex life. We only assume he has sex because he is sexualized for our consumption. Like the great (“great”) contemporary mainstream gays before him—Sam Smith and Tyler Oakley—Troye is an image to adore but never an image that actually fucks. He is to be taken.

So who is fucking Troye Sivan? Everyone? He’s the new, vacant, pretty, gay sexualized object of the now and his appeal is making me crazy because I do not find him sexy outside of the textbook definition of “sexy.” Again: vanilla.

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