Who Wouldn’t Want A Drink With Whitney Adams?

There are a handful of YouTube channels that I’m subscribed to mostly as a result of lingering PTSD from working in the business of producing YouTubers.

There’s Maangchi and Super Deluxe, Polygon and Miniature Space, all channels that hit a delicious zone between cable access television and informative viewing. They’re all perfectly suited for YouTube and are indicative of the format. One zone that is particularly well suited is food and wine. While the Hannah Hart types are too cloying to even consider over the age of 22, there are plenty of actually non-offensive and real channels to subscribe to. For example: Whitney Adams.

Adams makes videos about wine and they are very, very good. Every week, she shares a roughly ten minute video that intends to inform and entertain like minded wine enthusiasts via fun, bubbly information about the drink. While she hopes to help you get drunk better, she also thoroughly explains what is happening with wine in order to make you a more educated wine person: her channel exists to help evolve you away from being a basic wine bitch into a wine semi-snob.

Her videos work because she’s totally legit in the wine field too: she’s a sommelier with a personality as opposed to someone with a camera who tap dances around their love for alcohol. Moreover, Adams formerly worked at one of Los Angeles’ most respected wine shops, Domaine LA. She is beyond knowledgable and uses her powers of acting training or the like to transfer information.

It’s all great too: she answers your questions, she tries budget wine so you don’t have to, she makes cocktails, and she provides a sense of lush voyeurism that can be both delicious (Rosé!) and disgusting (Neon blue booze!). If you’ve ever wondered something trivial about wine—Have I ever had corked wine? Which Trader Joe’s wines are best? What about canned wine? What about that weird chocolate wine?—Adams can help you out. She takes the most cringeworthy of alcohols and combines it with superior knowledge of what makes booze booze. The results are fabulous.

If interested, I highly, highly, highly recommend you get into her channel. New videos drop every Tuesday and, yes, they will make you want a glass of wine. Find a few of my favorites below.

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