Whores Of Yore

I’m not sure who brought it to my attention but one of you news outlets out there did it and I want to thank you for it: thank you for introducing me to the most important Twitter handle of right now, @WhoresOfYore.

The Twitter is a combing through of cross-cultural histories to find how freaky we have–and always will—be. Every day, on multiple occasions, the handle Tweets out dirty photos and facts that have to do with getting it on centuries ago. They provide bygone language for old sluts, casual looks at different sex practices, and a delightful amount of what the fuck. In the age of information, who doesn’t like history? We all do. We all read Wikipedia and, on occasion, we look up the dirty parts because we all remain friends with that seven year old part of us that reads the definitions of rubbish words in the dictionary.

What Whores Of Yore does is takes the want for sexual information and wraps it around the hands of time. This means a lot of filthy fun. Where else would you have found out how 19th century people used condoms? What about means to quell sexual feelings in the year 1584? Whores Of Yore has you.

The fun all got started less than a year ago, the inappropriate information debuting with a talk of the fatty fertile feminine. The Twitter seems to be picking up speed and, as mentioned earlier, no idea who got this out into the world but thank fucking god this Twitter exists. History is always worth paying attention to, yes, but it’s especially exciting when the past is wrapped up in something we all have in common: physical pleasure.

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