Why Are We Surprised By Higher Dog Ownership?

“Are you going to have kids?” is a question you hear more and more as you get older and older as it becomes clearer and clearer that you won’t be having any.

Like children, this is a contemporary fact of life: some people exist, childless, in this world. Some are for biological reasons, some are for financial reasons, some are for social, cultural, geographic, etc.: there are a lot of things standing in the way of your being a mama or papa. Statistics support this too: millennials are having less children despite wanting them. It’s just not been “the right time” for years now.

Yet, one thing defies all this: pets. Why are people more likely to own pets than little people? This isn’t an observation: it’s a fact. As The Blaze covered last month, millennials are more likely to have dogs than babies.

Of those surveyed by Mintel, 71 percent of men between ages 18 and 34 had dogs and 48 percent had cats. Sixty-two percent of women in the same age range had dogs and 35 percent had cats.

Meanwhile, 50 percent of Americans have dogs, and 35 percent have cats.

Researchers told the Post that delayed parenthood and more flexible work arrangements may have contributed to higher rates of pet ownership among millennials.

That seems obvious, no? Millennials are still in financial recovery from the mid-aughts and are only now (if ever) thinking about smaller humans.

One other thing missing in this equation: the world. People are probably taking on pets because of the state the world is in. It’s a lighter lift given overpopulation looming and potential immortality and global warming. No wonder we’re turning to fake children with shorter life spans as our outlets for parenting: they’re cheaper, literally short lived, and offer a concentrated dosage of affection.

So why are we surprised by dog (and cat) ownership being up in America? There are myriad answers but mostly it’s because society is caught in a giant bubble of “not the right time.” But will it ever be?

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