Why Is Every Day A Holiday?

Every day is a holiday now. Yesterday was National Dessert Day. Tuesday was No Bra Day. Monday was Columbus Day. Sunday was National Coming Out Day. Saturday was National Chess Day. Friday was World Egg Day.

What’s today? It’s Sprit Day and National Mushroom Day and Latino AIDS Awareness Day and I Love Lucy Day and Get Smart About Credit Day and Global Handwashing Day. If you want a gay holiday or a food holiday or a money holiday or a serious holiday, every day there is something for you to celebrate. There are always holidays now.

Why is this? Because we can be more aware of these “days.” There is always some sort of celebration, some passive activity to inspire local listicles and clicktivits to action. There is always a reason for a brand hook you in by an arbitrary call to action related to a this “special day.” It’s a holiday! Today is a happening we all will talk about online but no one will mention in person because it’s not a real holiday. Celebrate!

Is this the product of online culture needing to constantly celebrate something? Is the Every Day A Holiday phenomena the result of our supposed millennial, youthy neediness? Has smug mumsiness intersected with ironic holiday culture? Can we really not go a day without the carrot of a holiday poking us along? Is that what this is about?

A lot of things are pushing this idea forward. First, those brands. They love these fake holidays because it’s an opportunity to sell. Second, there are tons of websites. Third, this is the secular, post-religious extension of every day being a saintly holiday and a means by which to distract and unite us from religious diversity. No, I may not have been aware of the Jewish holiday Sukkot—but I did know that it was National Comic Book Day, the start of Oktoberfest, Ask A Stupid Question Day, National Good Neighbor Day, World Vegetarian Day, and World Smile Day.

So find a day that you want to celebrate! Or don’t. Resolve to celebrate Random National Holiday Day every day because who and why the fuck does it matter? Remember when you are pushed to “celebrate” this shit that it’s a made up way to get you to “connect.” Sure, that’s cynical—but there is no need to talk about nothing just because there is nothing to talk about. Talking about nothing is great as is not having a holiday because it reminds you how special actual holidays are. Don’t let the shitty baggage of online chit chat trip you.

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