Wise Words On Fashion From Coco Chanel

My mother is the queen of inspirational quotes. If you were to peep at her Instagram, you would find a cute yet eyeroll worthy cupboard of self-help and family photos. It’s very funny and very much keeps me entertained. She posted one this morning that actually felt quite important in relationship to fucking lazy ass men’s fashion week.

The quote is from Coco Chanel, a fashion designer known for having pioneered a certain advanced look for women. The sentiment here is something everyone should take to heart and something we men (Well, designers.) need to get better at.

“Dress shabbily and they remember the dress; dress impeccably and they remember the woman.”

This is exactly it, Coco: athletic inspired clothing fucking looks like shit. Those elastic waists and ankle cinching and constant ties and sneakers don’t look techy: they look fucking lazy as shit. You’ll be remembered for dressing under. The man and his style get lost in confusion surrounding if he intended to look gym ready, health goth, or simply tired.

My tirade against men’s fashion week isn’t coming from formality yearning either. My man-boy uniform is includes short shorts, a clothing item that is decidedly informal—but I never allow them to slip under decorum. There seems to be a missing subversion to the idea of being dapper. These men look lazy and overly dressed for a run.

Be memorable, guys: dress well and you will be what is talked about. Unfortunately for the design’s from last week, I can’t get their tired trend pieces out of my memory. It will only get worse as they hit the racks, too.

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