Words Of Wisdom From Grace Jones

Grace Jones is a very important artist. Not only does she have extremely fashionable cred but she also has deep roots in fine art and mainstream media. She is one of the strongest, most impressive tentpoles of the avant gardism available to us. She demands respect. She’s the coolest living person.

She is a great teacher too, a well of wisdom we should all wash in. In a fantastic an excerpt from her upcoming book, Grace flings open the library door to give everyone an education in life. She gives her opinion on being called a diva (“I am not a diva. I am a Jones!”). She has thoughts on recent, needy, trendy artists like Rihanna, Miley, and Gaga (“She looks lost, like she is desperately trying to find the person she was when she started.”). She hopes to educate everyone, too (“I still feel I could go into teaching.”). Obviously, her upcoming I’ll Never Write My Memoirs will be an important piece of cultural criticism.

One line from that extract is particularly important. While describing a mainstream musician who sought collaboration which she promptly refused, she explains her psyche, digging into why she wouldn’t collaborate or compromise with someone who might potentially be a leech. She sums up the feeling of ick perfectly with this line. Soak this into your brain.

If the fuck don’t feel right, don’t fuck it.

Got that?

Here, read it again.

If the fuck don’t feel right, don’t fuck it.

These are very important words. They are so relevant and so relatable: if you are getting down with someone and your P and P aren’t jamming, then jam no more. If you are packing in the pudding and the pudding don’t pack, maybe leave the pudding on the counter. If you feel the need for speed but the speed don’t need, just stop. If the fuck don’t feel right, don’t fuck it. Don’t kiss it. Don’t touch it. Don’t even look at it. It’s not for you.

If you are trying to constantly please people or simply lack confidence, apply this thinking to yourself. Don’t fuck with shit that isn’t a good fucking for you. Keep your fuck to yourself or to the person that really is deserving of the fuck.

This thinking is so liberating. It’s so brutal and honest. It’s great. If the fuck don’t feel right, don’t fuck it.

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