Would You Look At These Adorable Environmentalist Nuns?

You know who’s cool? Nuns. Nuns are cool.

They’re the feminist badasses of the Catholic church and, while you may think Sister Jane in Orange Is The New Black is singular, there are tons of her. For example: these jean wearing nature nuns. They’re keeping it real, fighting that good environmentalist fight.

The nuns are Kentucky based and have become activist sensations for fighting against the Bluegrass Pipeline, a small but equally as foul fracking measure akin to the Keystone Pipeline. The nuns started by taking on this pipeline and are not stopping until all environmentally harmful measures are fought away. So where does this radicalism come from? Their faith, obviously, something that you could draw from regardless of your religious affiliation.

About 80 percent of American nuns are members of the Leadership Conference of Women Religious, which is committed to environmental activism. Sister Ann Scholz, the LCWR’s associate director for social mission, says this position is a direct outcome of the way sisters interpret the gospel.

“No Christian can live the gospel fully unless they attend the needs of their brothers and sisters, including Mother Earth,” Scholz explains. “Our work for social justice grows out of the Catholic social teaching and the Gospel of Jesus Christ.”

Faith aside, we all can take something away from this: we, as citizens of Earth, should be concerned in some regard with environmental activism because this is our home. Even though we don’t literally shit and piss on our floors, we figuratively are doing that in many regards with our waste. Do these nuns do that? Not at all. They’re pretty inspiring ladies.

The story is a bit lengthy (but not insane) and speaks to how the nuns helped fight civil rights, how they are battling dwindling numbers, how their philosophies spread, and how they used music to protest the pipelines, which you can get a sampling of below. Read the entire story here and think about how much you want to hug these super cute, super badass nuns.

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