Yeah, Don’t Let That Dog In Your Mouth

I let me dogs give me kisses all the damn time. They’re my babies! A lick is a sort of communication that only the two of us can understand.

But you know what? Stop that shit.

It has been said time and time again that a dog licking your face is a terrible idea. There are so many diseases that they can transmit through your saliva! (Not to mention: it reeks of very white people shit.) Yes, it may be that magical communication but, really, it’s just a means to put yourself in danger.

This was my lesson from the story of Greg Manteufel. The Wisconsin based former house painter has “lost his hands, feet and parts of his arms and legs” from to “a rare blood infection” incited from a nasty bacteria called capnocytophaga. Where did this come from? Dog saliva. The CDC notes that it can come from dogs and cats and that it is transferred via saliva. Yes, we all have a lil bit of capnocytophaga but it is very dangerous for those with weakened immune systems.

This must have been what happened to dog lover Manteufel who is gracefully fighting for his life after dog love gone awry. AP explains.

Manteufel has a dog, but doctors don’t know if it was his pet or another dog that gave him the infection.

“I just couldn’t believe it,” Manteufel told reporters. “I’ve been around dogs my whole life. It’s hard to take, you know?”

Manteufel’s horrific ordeal hasn’t changed his love of dogs. His wife, Dawn Manteufel, said one of the first things their dog did when her husband returned home was snuggle up with him to watch the Green Bay Packers.

“I still like dogs,” he said.

According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, up to 74 percent of dogs and up to 57 percent of cats carry capnocytophaga.

Poor dude. I don’t think this would make me hate dogs either but, yes, I would be very bummed that I let them lick in my mouth.

Like swallowing a slug on a dare, it’s probably best to keep the wet parts of an animal away from you. Kiss a human, if you like. Yes, that spreads bacteria too but you likely aren’t going to lose a limb. Be safe out there, dog fam.

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