Yes, Give Me These //WAYWARD Leather Pouches

I’ve been on the hunt for a new activity bag and have been largely unsuccessful in finding one because they’re typically expensive. Well, good news, me: //Wayward has some really fabulous leather pouches that are quite affordable.

The New York City brand makes these little bags locally with designs that are the clear selling point. They’re like disco granite discs found in a cave that is 100% populated with the Fraggles’ spacey, friendly, Studio 54 loving cousins. The bags are petite (They’re six inches by four and a half inches.) but are enough for you to pop a wallet, phone, keys, and some mints into. They even come in simplified metallics, too.

Wayward Projects  New York Leather Bags Pouches Design US United States Cute Designer 1234KYLE5678 Activity Bag 2

These mini-bags come in a surprising variety, in five stoney, three metallic, and one rainbow finish. They also come in square and half-circle styles, the latter of which is a little more petite. They’re just so pretty! Also, the circular ones feel like a less embellished cousin of the Otaat / Myers Collective oval pouches. They’re cute and functional: they’re the perfect little accent.

You can peruse all the pouches here and you should definitely poke around //WAYWARD’s shop. You’ll find leather pillows and totes and jewelry that follow similarly in the disco granite aesthetic. (And, yes, they’re all equally as affordable.)

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