You Can Get A Penis Transplant

Medical technology is flying into the future. Now that face transplants are very successful and real, body science seems boundless. We can plug and play with new body parts very, very soon.

Presently, there are lots of things you can transplant: serious items like hearts and lungs transplants are fairly well know but skin things like the face and the hand transplants are newer. But what about more intimate parts? Can a dude get a penis transplant?

Yes, that is possible now.

News broke earlier this year that you can get a new dick done up thanks to South African doctors who gave a man with a chopped up dick (from a botched ritual circumcision) a new one. It took nine hours and employed similar technology used in the face transplanting. How cool is this? (Although it’s making me feel all jibbly and nervous in my pants, to he honest.)

Something else to note: this was the first successful relocation of a penis but not the first try. If you back it up to ten years ago, Chinese doctors semi-successfully attached a penis. However, the results were only felt for two weeks as the penis had to be removed due to “severe psychological problems.” Eeeeeeeeeeee. Perhaps this is the making of a body horror film in which a transplanted penis is evil? Let’s keep them legs crossed in the hopes that we eventually see that movie.

If you have questions about the usability of the newly plugged in pee pee, rest easy: the new surgery has a much happier ending because he got his girlfriend pregnant over the Summer. Good job, new dick! That’s great considering doctors had anticipated a two year recovery period for the transplant.

Isn’t medical technology remarkable? It really is. This also is giving me a lot of hopes in the areas of sexual reassignment surgeries although that is much more complicated a procedure. It has to be somewhat helpful, though. If anything, perhaps we are entering the era of designer dick. I’m anxious to see where this leads us.

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