You Have To Know How Much I Need This Gosha Rubchinskiy X Burberry Outfit

Hi, I want to tell you something. It’s ridiculous, I know, but I have to tell you: I have found an outfit that is very me and I need it very badly.

It’s expensive and dumb and will be co-opted by Supreme™ fuccbois and the like but I want to say it here and say it now to you: I need the matching shorts suit that Russian designer Gosha Rubchinskiy made in collaboration with Burberry. It’s a simple three punch — paneled hat, oversized shirt, mini-shorts — styled with ankle socks and black loafers. You know this outfit is very me. I know it will be expensive, I know it may fit weird, I know I might be too old for it, I know it will be ripped off: I need it. You need to know this.

No, listen, you don’t understand: it’s the epitome of something I like to call “Baby Boy Church Fashion”, a riff off of a trend I call “Adult Baby Clothes.” “Adult Baby Clothes” is a style that certain people — particularly bohemian LA women in their forties — drift towards that sees babydoll styles and ruffles in soft colors that remind of a baby being christened. They are enveloping outfits that playact adultness. The best example of this can be found in the style of Miranda July.

“Baby Boy Church Fashion” is slightly different in that, well, it features dressy shorts and a matching shirt, the types of outfits forced onto kids for Easter mass. That’s what I aspire to look like. This outfit is “Baby Boy Church Fashion” and I love it.

It comes in navy too. Don’t you love it? It’s even better with a jacket, actually. I feel like I could absolutely fly to Korea, go to Itaewon, and have a sidewalk tailor create this outfit from knock-off Burberry plaid and still have money left over in comparison to buying this outfit off the rack. In fact, I bet Gosha would love the ingenuity, the appropriating of his streetwears back to the actual streets. Maybe I will do that. What do you think?

The collaboration is said to be the result of St. Petersburg’s relationship to England. “It was the first city in Russia to have football, in the 19th century,” he explained to Financial Times. “It was introduced by English people, so I thought let’s do something with an English brand. I thought, which brand is most iconic. It’s Burberry. It suits many things in the collection, like underground electronic music, like football, England, Russia, club culture.”

“Like underground electronic music.” I like that. This outfit is, in some ways, that: awkward yet comfortable, ready for the daytime but mostly for nighttime, appropriate and not, somewhat difficult to understand, not for everyone. An apt comparison.

The rest of the collection is just as funny, a straddling of English everyman with Russian young dads. It’s nineties and now, very Gosha through and through. I love it. It’s fun and it’s dumb and, in many ways, is just like me, just like that outfit, which I need and which I have thought about for a week. Put me in that shorts suit, Gosh’. You won’t regret it. You all would love to see me in this outfit.

So, to be clear, I want to let you all to know: this Gosha X Burberry collaboration is great, the underlining element beneath the praise being this clever, witty, little, cutesy, dudesy shorts suit. I need it and I wanted to tell you that.

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