You Should Get A Capabunga

I was at a dumb store in the desert called Total Wine™, a chain warehouse of booze that is neither bad nor good. It’s a true neutral in terms of alcohol retailers.

At the front of the store were these little silicone somethings. They looked like buttons and were slid into small rectangular boxes that could fit in the palm of your hand. Upon close inspection, they were revealed to be bottle stoppers that slide over the lip and neck of a bottle to contain wine and other drinks. Bottles can even be rested on their sides with these little silicon hats on! It sounded too good to be true and, for $5, I figured I’d give it a shot.

The results? Fantastic. The little silicone micro-sleeve did all it claimed to do and more. It is most impressive.

This is the Capabunga, a terribly named fantastic product that is – in my opinion – the best wine stopper ever made. I’ve used the Metrokane Rabbit Wine Stoppers, the Rabbit Champagne Sealer, Vacu Vin Stoppers, wooden corks, and the old spoon-in-chamapagne trick. And? The Capabunga defeats them all. These other stoppers pop out or aren’t snug fits – and none of them allow for a bottle to take a nap, resting sideways. The Capabunga? Yes, it can absolutely stop your wine, keep it fresh, and let the drink rest.

The one silly thing: they all come with quite cloying and annoying wine catchphrases printed onto them. Thankfully, two options for you: the $8 solid color pack and the $5 #SonomaStrong cap, where all proceeds benefit victims of the fires in Sonoma County. Those are much better than sad wine stoppers featuring sayings like “Girl Night In” or “I Earned It,” attitudes of wine loving that should make you want to quit drinking but instead make you sad enough to drink more.

Consider this your mini-wine game changer and, in many ways, a great little gift to give along with a bottle of something you fancy. You will certainly wow in many ways.

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