YouCum: The Soft Pink Truth’s Why Pay More?

The Soft Pink Truth is Drew Daniels, a gay electronic act and one half of Matmos. He released two albums in the early 2000s to make his ironic gay house self known, 2003’s Do You Party? and 2004’s Do You Want New Wave Or Do You Want The Soft Pink Truth?. Both albums are aggressive and fun and very, very gay.

Jump ten years later and TSPT hasn’t done anything. Then, almost out of nowhere, he drops the black metal / dance record Why Do The Heathen Rage? which is likely the response to his culture (gay culture) becoming such a commodified item. Why does the heathen rage? Because he’s no longer a demon. Jump to now and TSPT has surprised everyone with a brand new album.

Titled Why Pay More? and offered up at whatever you want to pay him, the new album is a slice and diced dance mix created from YouTube clips. It’s hysterical and manic and takes otherwise normal concepts and subverts it into homo humor. For example, the title track “Why Pay More?” takes old commercials and clips from The Price Is Right and turns it into a commercialist parody where the winners are the gays.

The album is way more than that, though. As Daniels explains in a long statement, Why Pay More? is political. Duh.

In October of 2007 I announced that I was going to do a project called The Soft Pink Tube in which individual tracks would be based entirely on the sampled results of YouTube search queries. I gathered files tagged with five words: “Step”, “Looking”, “Acapella”, “Awesome” and “Party,” but abandoned the project after completing and disseminating only one song, “Party Pills.” Why’d I give it up? Part of the reason is that I was simply too busy with academic work and Matmos and didn’t have the time. Part of the reason is that my love of YouTube soured in the wake of an incident in the UK in which teenage kids beat up a homeless person while filming it and joking about putting the footage on YouTube, which made me feel queasy about the way that social media formats reward behavior.

This is great. The payment is also free (or whatever you want) in keeping with web-based items being “free” to begin with.

For fans of TSPT, this is a treasure almost ten years in the making. No, there is no sequel to “Promofunk” but there are plenty of gender studies and jumbled dance breaks. You can sample the album below and buy it for whatever you want. (I paid $20 because I always want more Soft Pink Truth.)

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