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I’m a raging hate factory. I seethe with homophobia. I am a conservative monster.

Oh, wait, LOL: that’s absolutely not me. Actually, I’m the exact opposite as many of you who know me or who have visited this site on occasion have picked up on: I’m as left leaning, liberal, free spirited, etc. as they come. Also: I’m a raging faggot, a cake of queerness on two legs.

I believe it’s difficult to see me any other way. Try as I might to pass, I will fail. This makes mistaking me for anything but a homo quite funny, a fascinating error on another’s behalf to confuse me for anything but.

Yet, I’m giddy to report that I got an amazingly “Huh??” email from someone who must have stumbled upon my site and confused it for a right-leaning hate space where I disparage queer people.

Yes, I’m serious.

The note came in response to a post I wrote last year about how America was not founded on being queer friendly. It was one of my more hot take, liberal conspiracy theories that I thought was interesting but ultimately only resonated with me. Still, someone mistook this post for homophobia, believing that I stood with our country’s anti-gay origin story.

Let’s take a look at the message, whose subject line was “Your website NO LGBT” and came from an AOL email address associated with the name “Victoria Michaels.” It was sent at 2:19AM on a Sunday.

Dear Bigot,

I stumbled across your pathetic website that says ”
No LGBT… America was not founded on being LGBT friendly”
America also wasn’t founded on idiots or imbeciles like You
Your desire to spread hate against community (LGBT) is without merit
LGBT individuals work, are productive members of society, and when they move into neighbors the property values go up ! ( not like the trash garbage lazy A-holes in our society who live off of the welfare system and always have their hands out for government giveaways
Furthermore, nobody is asking you to be gay. If being heterosexual is who you are, then kudos to you. There is nothing and there will never be anyone who tells you what your personal preference should be. You also don’t have to go out of your way to be nice to LGBT folks. Tolerance has little to do with relations.. rather it merely is a request for respect. To elaborate.. you don’t have to speak to any gay people ever.. the only request is that you don’t go out of your way to disrespect – degrade – or harass gay folks in anyway. You can simply walk passed looking the other way. It just seems odd that for someone who doesn’t want to be bothered by gay folks.. you know darn right well posting what you did on the internet is an open invite to be contacted by LGBT’s ! So you aren’t fooling anyone twinkle toes ! You may think you are clever… but gay people aren’t not naive. You might as well wear a flashing sign on your forehead that reads “HIT ME UP… IM A HOMO”

Sent from my iPad

Queers make property values go up!!!!!!! Sent from my iPad. Also, please don’t bring those bad welfare takes to me because they are very wrong and such poor shaming points of view have got to stop.

I also disagree with the “don’t have to speak with any gay people” bit. That’s technically true! But, as Harvey Milk implored, we gotta be queer in people’s faces to get ahead, to normalize our being.

Anyway, I’m not fooling anyone, twinkle toes. Gay people are not naive.

Hit me up: I’m a homo.

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