A Dance Song To Keep The Spirit Of Women’s Day Every Day

Yesterday was International Women’s Day, a reminder that gender equality is still something we very much need in the world. In the spirit of keeping Women’s Day every day, a collaborative lady cover of the Underground Resistance’s techno classic “Transition” was covered an all lady super group.

The truly international group was produced by UK based Violet and features vocalists and artists gals A.M.O.R. (of Portugal), Coco Solid (of New Zealand), Mamacita (of Chile), Nancy Whang (of the USA), and Nightwave (of Scotland). (Also, shoutout to Philip Sherburne for relaying that credit.) Like the original, the new song relies on punchy high hats and a party-ready looping cascade of synths. The vocalists embody an enforcing, powerful tone as each comes in and out with the call “Make your transition.” It carries the same urgency of the original—that question authority vibe—but this version obviously gets at gender fluidity and the treatment of women. There’s a particularly powerful part of the song whose appropriate of the lyrics “Do I spend too much time thinking instead of doing? Did I try the hardest at any of my dreams? Did I purposefully let others discourage me when I knew I could?” It makes feel like, damn, it’s hard for a woman: they give you so much (Life!) and yet they’re still put down. What the fuck is up with that?

The song is very fun and, like great music, is politics masked in partying. Keep the spirit of lady power alive by giving this song a listen—and sharing it with a friend.

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