A Drag Race Convention Is Happening

Two weeks from now, the seventh season of everyone’s favorite competition reality show RuPaul’s Drag Race will return. The show has become such a cultural phenomena—and Ru a hungry queen for growth—that it is only fitting that it will have it’s own interactive experience. A theme park? No, a convention: RuPaul’s DragCon is coming May 16 and May 17.

The affair is touting itself as the hybrid love baby of Comic Con, BeautyCon, and Hello Kitty Con. That sounds wonderful and terrifying. You will have to chance to meet various alternative celebrities (Lady Bunny, James St. James, Courtney Stodden) in addition to many Drag Race winners and celebrities from Raja to Sharon Needles to Tyra Sanchez (if out on bail). Another big draw is that it will help “kick off the Gay Pride season.” That part is scary as you can practically feel the tongues of many a hungry man already on your back.

This will be fun and, obviously, it has come to this, an interactive experience you have to wait a considerable about of time to reach. Like really good sex, you don’t come immediately: you have to wait. You get close, then you back off, stop-starting until the tension essentially causes your dick to explode. RuPaul knows this and he and his producers at World Of Wonder have mastered this by pushing the seasons back by months and stretching them out longer than they should be, feeding the audience with outtakes and alternative shows to keep them content. The evolution of the brand has gone logically further, from live finale to an interactive, destination finish.

In some ways, this convention is a predictable happening that will be an entirely produced, manufactured to corral fans and court brands. Yet, I could meet Bianca Del Rio in person.

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