A Few Things I Have Lust Feelings For

I have a habit of opening up tabs in my browser of things that I really enjoy looking at but have no business purchasing. So, I just look at them. And lust. Here are a few things I have lust feelings for today, for you to have lust feelings for.

• Acne Studios’ Black Campus Circular Sweatshirt: It is not black and it is only kind of circular. I cannot tell if the white is fuzzy or if the “silver” is shiny. I just want it on my body. Can I wear it? Can Mr. Acne drop the price from $280?

• Gitman Brothers For Opening Ceremony Rainbow Spiral Shorts: These look like bad tie-dye Godspell shorts. I love them though. They are peppy. They are well tailored. They are super wacky and super gay but super uplifting that I want my legs to marry them. These are better than the blue version and I hope there is a matching shirt.

• Soludos’ Zebra Print Shoes: Out of the bunch, I am least likely to actually wear these—but they’re cool. I wish they were calf hair and that the white was even more ecru or bleach neon white. Regardless, they are cute. Some gay boys will love this.

• J.W. Anderson’s Landscape Printed Shirt: This is great. It’s expensive and I would never buy it; yet, it’s garments like this shirt that teach you what you can make yourself. I could maybe make this shirt. I will make it one day and I will teach you how to as well.

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