A Transpositive Game Jam

The news of Leelah Alcorn’s death in late 2014 was quite a devastating one. It’s a very tragic story, one composed by confining parents, religious restrictions, and the struggles of LGBTQ—specifically the T—persons young and old.

Clearly, trans positivity is very much needed in our society. Moreover, there are many ways that Leelah’s story should be shared in order to spread this love and information with the world—and, while nice, a dedicated award is only the beginning of this process.

One brilliant effort to honor Leelah draws from her interest in video gaming and game development: a few game developers are hosting #JamForLeelah, a game building marathon by Matt Boucher and Kara Jaye that hopes to create trans positive experiences with all proceeds made from games going toward various transgender charities. Expect a decent amount of empathy games and the like made in the hopes of telling queer tales and sharing queer experiences.

It’s a fantastic marriage of technology and education and, truly, has the power to educate and enlighten many. The Jam is starting this weekend, beginning Saturday evening and lasting a month through February 17. Even if you don’t know how to develop, follow the hashtag and Twitter handle to hear more about the games created—and share the news! Perhaps some rad developer you know can get involved.

If you want to read more on the event, catch this artivle over at Polygon. You should also sign this Change.org petition to enact Leelah’s Law, which hopes to ban conversion therapies.

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