Apparently The Best Part Of RuPaul’s Drag Race Is Untucked

As far as RuPaul’s Drag Race ingestion goes, the show is all I need. I am quite ravenous for more media, sure, and enjoy World Of Wonder miniseries like Fashion Photo Ruview and Wow Shopping Network but that is where I leave my Drag Race adoration. Yet, seeing then entire first episode of Untucked up on YouTube, I decided to give it a peek: this after show is perhaps better than the main event.

This may be common knowledge to diehard, Ru hungry fans—but it was big news to me. The show takes place between the confines of post-runway and pre-elimination, that moment when people are sent away for judging and judges deliberation. The group is basically given drinks, questions, and allowed to bitch freely, uncensored.

The results are beautiful (despite Squarespace‘s very low budget setting). You get truly cattiness and bitching and, as we’ve all wondered, word on what exactly is happening to their penises while wrapped up in drag: you get bites about balls hurting and twisted dicks, which we’ve all been wanting to know. You also see more of the unfiltered characters of the queens, to show that some people are all look and no real personality (Max) and that some people are smarter than they appear (Trixie Mattel) while others are the best bitch in the room (Pearl) and even the funniest (Katya). It’s required viewing.

It’s all online, too. If you haven’t caught up on the extra act of the show, do so now. It helps to pass your week until the next episode of Drag Race.

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