Are The Pee Pees Necessary In The New Rick Owens Collection?

Perhaps the most alarming, crazy headline to come out of the Parisian men’s Fall 2015 presentations was the fact that Rick Owens decided to share a few pee pees with the audience. Don’t clutch your pearls too furiously because, in looking through the collection, the pee pees are not exactly as front and center as you would think. Instead, you get a few fleshy goose eggs dangling between legs, reassuring that the scrotum is the oddest and potentially most unappealing body part ever created.

Yet a question: is the appearance of a dingus and a dangus actually necessary for the collection? Is anyone going to actually wear something dong out as such? Of course not. It was certainly for effect. The show itself was Owens requisite vampire nightclub aesthetic paired with a bit of Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure future devotees and structured coats inspired by Leatherface’s apron.

The pee pees dipped out and dangled during the devotee segment. You had this one and this one and most obviously this one. (And, if you really want a good eyeshot, look no further.) The effect paired long hair and thick fleshy fringe demanded a dramatic reaction mostly because the penises were out, an apparent runway first. It was a literally blink-and-you-miss-it occurrence, one that could have been caught in the fuss of clothing.

The inclusion could be to emasculate, bashing and basing the sex in objectification. Also, none of the penises on these assumedly beautiful men are actually beautiful: the inclusion of isolated pee pees illustrates the ugliness of manhood, literally and figuratively. The overall power of the penile—or removal of said power, by exposing him(s)—is a similar gesture to his now iconic Spring 2014 Vicious collection. Having women of color and women who are not “thin” presenting the clothing alluded to an absence in the industry. These little, chubby, weird inclusions—and the non-manish clothing that framed them—gets at the removal of sex, sexuality, genitalia, etc. on runway and in the world.

So were the pee pees necessary? As a statement, yes, because it stomps on the bulge men love to grab and toss and flaunt as the source of their power. As a fashionable accessory? No. No one will Porky Pig it in this capacity, ever. And, if someone actually wears this look in public, as it appeared on the runway, then you just became the point of Rick Owens’ high fashion joke. (And, yes, some dude will most likely attempt to Porky Pig it. You know someone will.)

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