Get Them At Their Own Game, Gals

Fader published a very interesting story about gender and electronic music was published in the last hours of 2014 by Steph Kretowicz. It mostly targeted the year’s biggest all stars in dance—PC Music, Sophie, A.J. Cook, QT, etc.—highlighting that they are using the female body as an object:

What I’m concerned with is a wider social trend that points to a troublingly reactionary cultural shift that all these artists have a responsibility to own up—especially when there exists a very real gender imbalance in electronic music production today. At the beginning of this year, journalist Lauren Martin identified a possible motive for the trend in male appropriation of femininity in a quote from repentant UK club producer and Her Records co-owner Miss Modular: “I wonder if men working under female names is them purposefully trying to be anonymous; because of some inherent guilt of being a white male producer, and wanting to present yourself as something else.”

It’s very interesting and gets at male queering (which I love) but the dangerous taking advantage of the female body, intellectually. It does make you feel guilty for being in love with “Hey QT” and anything by Sophie. This said, the work of artists like Hannah Diamond cannot be discounted: she seems very much in on her process and is not an electronic construct. Her presence points toward there being a greater good in their gender swapping: it could actually be a queering effort.

To this I also say I would love for a female or queer producer to beat PC Music at their own game. Last year many forgot about the truly epic releases by artists like Planningtorock and Holly Herndon, which dealt with the suppression of patriarchy and making your voice known. Down with men, ladies. Then let’s go see this movie (ugh).

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