Here Is A New Disco Song From Lindstrøm

It’s been some time since we’ve heard anything from Norwegian Mr. Feedelity—Lindstrøm—in terms of unadulterated disco. Nearly three years ago saw the release of both Smallhans and Six Cups Of Rebel, both of which were great but nothing like “I Feel Space” or “Lovesick“: it left you wanting more.

Well, we may have an answer: word has gotten out via a new single that his new disco ways are at the center of his audio logic. “Home Tonight” is the song and it’s the sort of sexy-yet-antsy tune that includes bed beckoning lyrics like “Hey—would you come home?” and “Promise me you’ll be there?,” as if there is a set time for intercourse. It features plinking synths and a piano breakdown (Yes, please.) along with soulful vocals from Grace Hall of Skin Town (who are great). At times, the song feels like a lost Michael Jackson track from the mid-eighties: that’s quite the accomplishment.

Unfortunately, this song is just a single—and one of an upcoming string—that aren’t building toward a big release. If you are looking for that, there is an upcoming collaborative album he’s working on with Todd Rundgren and Emil Nikolaisen. That sounds good—but it’s not the full feedelity I personally want.

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