Kyle Raymond Fitzpatrick is a writer, former television producer, sometimes performer, and general person living in Los Angeles. He has written for various publications: You can find a select collection of his work for third parties here.

More specifically, he is a hispanic homosexual former military brat man-ish person who is obsessed with dogs. He only wears (short) shorts and is unable to decipher if he does or does not have body odor issues despite the size of his nose. He formerly wrote exclusively in ALL CAPS for nearly ten years but gave it up in the hopes of appearing as less abrasive online, in particular to people who may want to work with him.

His interests include Internet and popular culture oddities, performance studies and queer studies, contemporary art from Los Angeles, dogs with spots, imitating what he considers current fashion trends, riding bicycles on the street (not the sidewalk) while wearing a helmet, horror movies involving possessed dolls, and champagne and rosé and weed. He lives with – and is intimately involved with – Bobby Solomon and they are the semi-proud owners of Dottie — an English Setter — and Scooter – a Rat Terrier mix – and Olly, a to be determined mix of Small Dog.

If you would like to contact him to write for you, to talk on a television show about things, to maybe buy him a glass or bottle of wine, or simply to say hello, please send an email to hello [at] 1234KYLE5678.com.

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