Learning How To Read

One of my personal demons is illiterate—and I will share them with you: I hate reading and sometimes it feels like I cannot read. Yes, ironic that I claim to be a writer: you, Internet Dad, are definitely the first to make that joke.

Where does this come from? It’s not for a lack of trying nor is it because I was raised to not read: I’ve never been “good at reading.” I feel like I’m too slow. I often doze off. I get exhausted. I think I received some damaging bad grades on reading comprehension tests. Most troubling, I get bored and am prone to a wandering mind.

What’s most difficult is that long form reading makes me incredibly uneasy for whatever psychological reason I have yet to find. (Was it from the speech impediment I had as a child? My hearing issues? Something related to attending so many Catholic schools? Take your pick!) It’s definitely a frustrating existence and, for the better, I feel that I am at an age and of a certain know-how that I need to actual be reading more. I’ll take baby steps to get there.

Thus, I plan to learn how to read and I will share little book reports with you all on “what I’ve read.” Note that, at first, these will be bitesized things like novellas and longer short stories, tiny victories and taken shelf space in my library. You’ll probably see a lot of One Story featured and maybe even a bigger book or two.

If you have trouble reading, take on this challenge as well: learn to read. Do it at your leisure and don’t make it feel like a chore. Online articles do not count but ebooks do and we’re not aiming for length here: we’re aiming for increased frequency. If we can all learn how to read (in addition to knowing how to read), maybe we can start a book club and drink champs as we talk about literary conquests. Sound good? Fab.

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