These stories are all great and, while I love them, I have nothing else to say about them but “Great.” Great! Great.

The guy behind the original Queer As Folk is creating a 1980s, AIDS focused drama. This will probably be great.
Stream Transparent for free this Saturday. If you have not seen it, place your gaze on it for the day. You will laugh and cry and love people more for it.

SCOTLAND HOSTS UK’S FIRST PAGAN SAME-SEX WEDDING!!!! This is the moment gay marriage legalization has been waiting for.

Noted not-gay person Ronan Farrow apparently did some good Charlie Hebdo coverage out in France. Good for him? Bad for Anderson Cooper?

The fantastic looking Myrna The Monster is apparently voiced by Le Tigre’s Kathleen Hanna. Fuck, that’s going to be so fun.

Painter Ben Quilty’s Straight White Male work sounds incredible. Love when white straight (assumed cisgender) dudes pull of shit like this.

You guys: The Boy Next Door is going to be so fucking good-bad-good.

The photography for this Bloomberg Businessweek cover story on Abercrombie & Fitch is brilliant.

• Also from Businessweek: a nice roundup of future trends, thanks to current men’s fashion shows.

Lisa Kudrow is going to host the Writers Guild Awards. VALERIE CHERISH, YOU DOLL.

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