Damn, I got so high at one point this week that I was had a weed hangover for a day.

I was just full on blazed for nearly 24 hours. That shit was wild. So, less stories this week as a result. Sorry!

Summer 2018 hasn’t been the “best” for myriad reasons but one thing I do know is fashion trends have been all over a dumb map. This is not an upper but a must read nevertheless about how to handle children saying serious things. Get sick while in a car? Take these silly glasses. Donald Trump sucks, we know, and photos like this really bring that home. Big dick lovers should beware because you can hurt your throat sucking it. Princess Diana is an icon. You know who else is? Freddy Mercury. Put the two together and you get Princess Di in drag sneaking into a gay bar.

That was your weekend link.

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