Do you need something to read right now that is great? Here are some things I think are “great.” Great!

• This person had the best experience at the New York 2015 Fall fashion presentations.
• A wonderful read on the behavior of couples, based on their class.
• If you remember that scary ass 36 love question thing, people actually did it—and are raving about it. Huh?

• Menswear is getting crazier. This certainly makes me worried shorts will become too mainstream. (Then again these thighs don’t care.)
• “As with boring patterns on the upholstery of a regional bus, you are forced to acknowledge all the soloing on Brazilian Nights because of its proximity.”: Oneohtrix Point Never reviews the new Kenny G album in the most brilliant way possible.
• Gay Catholics up in the Vatican.< • A pretty great summation of why this Neil Blomkamp Alien pairing is great and not-great.
• A fourteen year old with his own record label that includes The Pizza Underground.
• Some pretty great gaps. Gaps in teeth, that is.
• Tina Belcher is a Sleater-Kinney fan. Does this mean that Sleater-Kinney has just gone full Liz Phair?
• A tech-house ballet? Tell me more.
• Malin Akerman? Jamie Dornan? Bruce Weber? Abercrombie? Nudes?
• Living in a cold house doesn’t seem so bad.
• If you are at SXSW, definitely go check out this wild PC Music showcase.

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