These are great. These should be read/watched/ingested at some point this weekend. Great!

• Reason TV went to a conservative political convention…and they found gay people! Fascinating, well done watch (with the adorable Paul Dettrick).
•  One of those guys from Looking outed himself as an asshole.
• Well, penis sizes are not as crazy as you thought. We should redo this test—but let me be the judge of size.
• Woah there, Björk. Put that rock-you puss away! Talk about stonemilking, amirite?
• Congrats, Thai Gay Throuple! May your wedded bliss be full of many skin creams because you all have the face of angels.
• Is life as a meme that bad? Apparently so.
• Forgot that Independence Day is getting a sequel or two. Who will star in the reboot? A few familiar faces…
• A ranking of the best chocolate bunnies. Very important information.
• Diablo Cody is directing a Barbie movie and this is very exciting news because hopefully it is a sequel to Young Adult.
• Lemaire is getting a nice step up, thanks to Uniqlo.
• Be ashamed. Be very ashamed.
A “coming out” simulator is apparently very good at building empathy.
• A win for transgender persons in the military! Congrats, Chelsea.
• As if last week’s octopus horror in the Linksys was bad enough, here is more proof they are coming for us.
• Looking good, Dev Patel. Daddy like.
• Please let this Clickhole article laugh you into not-being-at-work.

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