This was a great week. Great! Here are some great things to read over the weekend. Great!

• You will pee your pants over this: Pee Wee is coming to Netflix. No, not an old Pee Wee movie: a new Pee Wee movie.
• Flame Con is bringing gayming to NYC Pride. FLAME ON.
• More Aliens news: Blomkamp has Weaver on tap. He’s also ditching Aliens 3 and Aliens Resurrection, picking up after part two. Kind of a dick move, tbh.
• Speaking of old movies and old people, Harrison Ford is doing a new Blade Runner. Grandpa gotta fill that diapey full of bank notes, guys.
• Meant to link this out a while back but this story on Justine Sacco post-Justine Sacco should be a reminder of how quick we are to Internet lynch.
• For whatever reason, this is really fucking scary to me.
• I will never do this but some will want to know that now babies can be made by rubbing together the genes of two people of the same sex.
• You’ll be able to eat your coffee cup at KFC soon. That is one way to reduce waste (but not waist).
• Llamas might hold the cure to AIDS? Yes, that is a could be a reality.
• I clicked on this story mostly because it features a dude named “Yoppy.”
• Let’s go back in time and watch Molly Shannon as Courtney Love.
• The man who invented the labradoodle regrets his decision.
• Meant to read this but didn’t, I: an article about photography, memory, technology, and us.
• Meant to read this but didn’t, II: how to better understand the wine you are drinking.

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