Live Reaction To Listening To This New Scarlett Johansson & Este Haim Song

Apparently Scarlett Johansson is moving from “occasional singer” to full time singer: she teamed up with noted open-mouth performer Este Haim and friends to create The Singles, a “super-pop dance” girl group. I’m intrigued. Their first song is called “Candy” and I wanted to share my thoughts, live, as they come to me.

The engine on this car just needs to turn already.

Is ScarJo a smoker? Her voice is just so smokey.

Was “you’re my chocolate from above” really just said? Black dick on your mouth is all I am thinking.

The chorus sounds nice.

…but the hook “you’re like candy to my heart” feels unhealthy.

This song is very simple production wise and lyrically.

I’ve lost track of time.

This song is constructed in the same way that a paper fan is constructed: it just repeats the same fold over and over again.

Scarlett Johansson rapping. MOM, STOP.

It’s over?

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