Minus18’s Another Perspective Campaign

There are many resources in America for LGBTQ kids and teens but Australia’s Minus18 seems most on top of their shit. They offer support for young queer kids by way of therapy and social events, creating a sense of normalcy for those of differing sexuality and differing sex. I wish they were around in rural Georgia when I was a teen, man.

One of the coolest things they’ve done that seems to have “gone viral” in my Tumblr feed is create the Another Perspective campaign. The idea behind it is to reverse coming out, that straight people and cisgender persons have to “come out” and experience the differences that we had and still have to endure in our queer lives. While this has been done before, they also created a really, colorful poster collection to express these “other perspectives,” jabbing back at the institution that has confined us.

The campaign is super empowering and, if I were a teenage, it would definitely charge me to confront people who questioned those (and myself) who don’t have a set sexuality or gender. A sign that says something as simple as “I don’t mind if you’re straight, just don’t flaunt it in public.” really, really speaks to someone in my position—and likely to so many more. It’s a funny “Fuck you!,” which is the best kind of “Fuck you!” You can pick up a poster here.

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