Moncler Blackout Series Puts Hearts In My Eyes

A while back, I waxed on and waxed off regarding puffy outerwear. The moral of that story was, if you don’t own anything puffy, you are probably out of fashion this Winter. Sorry, duders! 2bad50sad.com, man.

Something to further ouch your ouchie is a miniature Winter line from Moncler: they made a series of gorgeous, understated, high-tech, and very artistic puff pieces. The collection is a collaboration with photographer Dan Holdsworth and is called Blackout. The clothing takes on of the artist’s images and pastes it onto various articles of clothing.

The series of work Holdsworth lends is a documentation of global warming. It’s commentary on the subtle losses in the world that those not observant enough will miss. It’s a tragic—but beautiful—little group of photographic works that Moncler saw, dug, and sought to feature in their 2014 Autumn/Winter collection. The resulting collection includes jackets, pants, coats, pullovers, bags, and shoes that highlight nature’s dissolution to darkness, to nothingness.

The success of the collection is that it can be misconstrued for much more than a snowy mountain print: it could be papery pulp, lace, snow, cocaine, body parts of a ghost, etc. Ironically, the most appealing piece is a puffer turtleneck that most honestly displays Holdsworth’s photography while confusing viewers to wonder what they are actually looking at. This is an exemplary evolution of puffy fashion.

The collection is available now for thousands of dollars which is a bummer because the pieces are so fantastic. If you do have those thousands and plan on buying, don’t tell me. I will block your IP address.

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