No Love For Gloves

The biggest spectacle of the Golden Globes was the presence of Amal Clooney. She seemed bored and over it and obligated to be there (but not to smile) and it had to be the most fascinating turn Hollywood has taken in years. She is so anti-Hollywood that she wore outlandish gloves and they have subsequently disrupted the celebrity fashion world.

As Ruth La Ferla at the Times has written, basically no one liked her gloves. She referred them as “her own” in relationship to the designer, they were oversized, the didn’t really match, and they were considered to be very ugly. No one seemed to like them, save for those who enjoy the suffering of Guliana Rancic.

But were the gloves truly déclassé? Absolutely not! Ill fitting and somewhat ridiculous, sure, but they were indeed elegant and sophisticated. She didn’t look prom but instead extremely old Hollywood, doing very little go go a very long way. After all, we’re discussing gloves. Fucking fancy ass gloves.

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