Original Fare For Your Kitchen

The PBS app is the best fucking thing in the world. If you own an Apple TV, this should be your shit. Everything is free, content is brilliant, and—while the search mechanics are annoying—there are endless options for you to feast your eyes on.

A good amount of them are miniature content items, glorified web shows brought to your television thanks to their extensive Shows section. While Paint With Kevin is an adorable guilty pleasure and Everything But The News offers you equally as adorable viewing pleasures, the real star of the non-show shows is a little series called Original Fare. The show stars Kelly Cox as a globe trotting foodie, hoping to dive into both food histories and behind-the-scenes practices. She goes on truffle hunts and learns all about chevre from its originators: she does it all.

The show excels thanks to Cox’s quirky, on-and-off screen presence and wonderful, “Fuck: food is great!” attitude. There is no shame in what she does and, like all PBS shows, they strive to be entertaining and somewhat educational. Original Fare straddles this well, dropping you off and leaving you in the wildest culinary environments. I strongly suggest you scan their playlist of films as you you eat your meal tonight. Catch some of my favorites below, too.

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