Purple Emoji Heart Dusen Dusen & Aidy Bryant Purple Emoji Heart

I’ve posted photos of an adorable Boston Terrier with some great background fabric a few times on my dog Tumblr, sadly not getting the uproarious response that I had hoped to get. That little dark cheddar of a biscuit dog I want to eat up, including the fabulous napkin he comes on! Alas, not that many had the same response.

Turns out, that dog is the inadvertent mascot and puppy friend of Ellen Van Dusen, the designer and person behind Dusen Dusen. Her brand is very geometric and fun, zigzags and simple shapes for your every day life: think Poketo but fancier. She’s poised to explode considering her new look book stars her puppy with SNL cutesy Aidy Bryant.

Dusen Dusen Aidy Bryant Dog Home Goods 1234KYLE5678 2

It’s a feast of now, post-Memphis design intended to add a little (literal) smiles to your home. Dusen has squiggle marked shag rugs and alphabet sheets. There’s even some “lenticular” bed covers and shapely throws. There is a lot to lust after not to mention quite a great deal of easily giftable goods. Dusen Dusen may not be big yet but you can certainly tell their sun is rising, to shine for a very long time.

The home goods are coming soon but—for now—you can peruse some of their mostly on-sale ladies goods here. I suggest you join their peppy mailing list and search their stockists, too.

Dusen Dusen Aidy Bryant Dog Home Goods 1234KYLE5678 1

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