Remember When Websites Didn’t Remember Your Login Information?

I was recently caught in a big lie where I said I was out of town but I wasn’t and I got very stressed that my lie would be found out so I deleted my Facebook and Instagram and committed to this ruse that I was OOT. The lie lifted nearly a week later with life returning to normal and Facebook being reincorporated into my daily routine. Yet, in order to do this I had to log onto the website.

Login? You have to login to a website? This sounds obvious because we all know this—but how often do you actually login to a website? Do you still type in all of your Facebook information to enter? Or do you, like me, rely on an app or browser or your phone to remember for you?

We all let some cache remember because it’s easy. Confronted with this login demand, I realized that—ugh—this is so annoying to have to type in all that shit. So I didn’t. I let it sit, unoccupied. Even when a browser remembered the password before I could attempt to type it, I still didn’t login.

This non-login is not from input fatigue: I realized that it was a barrier, a gated extra step for me to see all the notifiable goodies that are actually updates on whose birthday is when. So why press the button? Why go onto this Internet black shit hole that is a constant distraction that I only use to talk to the same four friends who I am usually instant messaging, emailing, and texting with anyway? Why bother?

I realized that the ease that we enter websites is a fairly recent phenomena. Emails and The Facebook didn’t always remember your password on purpose, giving you a hurdle to spell out instead of remember for you. This wasn’t an issue then because there was only one email address and only one social network: you could handle multiple passwords, relying on yourself for information. With so many now, computers need to remember for us.

But should they? For someone like myself who repeatedly checks sites for no reason outside of boredom, it is important to log out and realize this extra step, to not even click to enter. Lock yourself out of the house in order to enjoy the surrounding scenery. Technology is a wonderful necessity in society—but constantly checking social networks and emails is not. Try logging out every time you leave a website to see if you really need to get back into it that easily.

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