Tiffany & Co. Feature Very Attractive White Gay Couple In First Same-Sex Engagement Campaign

Congratulations, Tiffany! You featured some gay bros in a new advertisement. Well done! Because this is H U G E, I wanted to help push this PR moment even further than the trending arm of Facebook. Here are some email subject lines that you could use in your follow up email blast.

• Two Gay Men—Not Kissing, Sitting Next To Each Other, Kind Of Touching—Featured In Latest Tiffany Advertisement
• Real Life NYC Couple Who Could Afford To Buy Tiffany Jewelry Featured In Latest Tiffany Advertisement
• EngageMENt Rings! You Won’t Want To Miss Our Latest Advertisement
• If You Buy Jewelry From Tiffany, You Likely Can Afford To Say You Agree With The LGBTQ Community So Enjoy A Gay Couple Featured In Our Latest Advertisement Because This Is Not Zales
• People Of Color? Diamonds Are White! Caucasian Gay Men Featured In Latest Tiffany Advertisement
• Fresh From The Gym, Two Gay White Men Featured In Latest Tiffany Advertisement But Don’t Worry Jewelry Doesn’t Care What Body Type You Are
• Gay Men Are Rich So We Featured A Pair Of Them In Our Lasted Advertisement
• Two Men Who Enjoy Touching, Caressing, Kissing, Hugging, Licking, Sucking, Dressing/Undressing Penises Wear Tiffany Jewelry Not On Their Penises In Latest Advertisement
• We Need Attention

Tiffany Gay Couple Advertisement 1234KYLE5678

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