Tom Ford Is Making A New Movie

What is Tom Ford up to? Yeah, he’s designing and doing his squinty eyed, handsome same old, same—but is he making any movies? People want to know because A Single Man was such a success. Here’s an answer for you: he’s making a thriller, a potentially two-part, hush-hush, book adaptation.

Little is known about the film but it seems like he’s adapting a similar formula used for his last film: he finds a book that he likes and is inspired by and then all-too-faithfully adapts it to the screen in a very beautiful way. This is interesting because that was my personal beef with A Single Man: the movie was beautiful but—like the fashion world—it was dead behind the eyes. Christopher Isherwood’s story is also incredibly flawed and Ford could have used it as an opportunity to correct the wrongs of an almost-perfect-but-the-ending-ruins-it-all story.

In shooting two films, one that is extremely faithful to the source and one that takes a bit more creative freedoms, it appears that Ford has listened to these calls for some slackening around the neck of ownership, allowing the substance to stand for itself and him to stand for himself. This is great news. Ford has an eye for film but, as his last film proved, carries too much weight and reverence to sources even if he makes it his own (a la writing the screenplay).

The source material is under extreme self-imposed silence so who the fuck knows what it will be about. Yet, you can likely assume it will be a very gay something, which I can only hope is a high-gloss take on Sleeping With The Enemy or Misery. Realistically, it will likely be something along the lines of Stranger By The Lake or Rope, small, discrete, homoerotic pushes into the world of man-on-man crime.

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