Turning Into A Man Slug

Robert Alfons’ TR/ST is a rare sort of musical act that straddles angsty high pop with gothic, sad, angry house. His aesthetic is the devil singing Ace Of base songs at a karaoke night: there is a wonderful tension of good and bad.

Last year he released his (solo) sophomore release—Joyland—which was basically everyone’s not-so-guilty pleasure. It was a great little Summer album. Days before the year mark, TR/ST has released a statement of headspace with the song “Slug.” It ties together Alfons’ moodiness while at your local goth night, it eventually evolving him into an emotional man slug. (Not “man slut,” which it almost sounds like he says in the song. Likely intentional.)

It’s a contemplative little song, caught up in its own black twinkling mind. There’s no word on if the song is a B-side or from an upcoming release—or just for fun. The likely answer is that he’s just keeping busy, this song explaining his current state of mind.

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