You Are A Skeleton Who Takes Selfies In A Graveyard

No one has taken the idea of the word “selfie” as being dead more seriously than game designer Brenden Gibbons. The medium is still powerful (“powerful”) yet equally as grating and vapid and attention seeking as it has ever been. In some ways, the images are a means to seek connection. In other ways, it’s a mark of cultural death at the hands of non-creative narcissism. This is why Gibbons game S P O O K Y  S E L F I E S is kind of a brilliant art object. 

All you do is walk and jump around a graveyard as a skeleton taking selfies. There are only so many ways you can position your bone hand to capture yourself and, if you sneak around the space enough, you’ll find some interesting catacomb backdrops to make you look your very deadest best. The selfies you take also come with Comic Sans captions like “2spooky 4u” and “skullking around~.” 

As Kotaku notes, you can only really play this game for so long. I lasted longer than they did because there is something so rich and rewarding to it, that you are a dead person taking pictures of yourself in the hopes that others will laugh or receive pleasure from it even if you cannot care to care for them since you are not alive.

If you needed to see a symbol of what 2015 looks like in terms of people using the Internet, it is a skeleton taking selfies.

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