Your Shoes Are Ugly, Kanye.

I admit that I am not a devotee to Kanye Kardashian’s music. He is one of the best entertainers in the world right now, if not the best, a person firing on all cylinders at all times even though it may border on mental issues. I also love his commitment to fashion, to engaging with and disrupting that bizarre world. He landed a Vogue cover, for fuck’s sake. Dude is doing things (or, at least, he is doing Kim Kardashian until he gets to the top).

He also collaborated with Adidas Originals to create a new sneaker. The result is this taupe space chukka boot basketball shoe. It’s like a powerful, cool athlete wrapped in a dusty, bulky grandma blanket made by the most futurist—yet blind—kid at Creative Recreation. It’s like Neil Armstrong having a threesome with a band-aid and an albino basketball. It’s like Camper’s entry into rehabilitative footwear.

Kanye: they are not cool. They are a mishmash of material and effects, a post-minimalist attempt at minimalism. You just resurrected a relic from your past. As a friend, Kanye: stick with A.P.C.. You work well together. Adidas obviously wanted to make a joke and I think they succeeded.

UPDATED: …but the full collection isn’t terrible? Lots of great sweats and gross pantyhose.

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